Midnight Remedy Concentrate

This non-greasy, plant-based serum is an easily absorbed luxury formula that consists of eight superfood oils and vitamins.

8% AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid

This concentrate combines the exfoliating benefits of glycolic acid with lactic acid.


Key Ingredients

Glycolic Acid

The alpha hydroxy acid increase the thickness of the deeper layers of skin, promoting firmness. It also works to lighten pigmentation and smooth out the skin’s texture.

Note – This acid content can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and the possibility of sunburn.

Lactic Acid (AHA)

This acid is used to remove dead skin cells, lighten dark spots, and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It mostly works to exfoliate the surface of your skin.

Tamarind Extract

This is a powerful active ingredient enriched with natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamin C and A. The tamarind extract soothes irritation and inflammation of the skin, lightens the skin tone and unclogs pores. It also reduces age-related spots and blemishes.


Aqua (Water), Glycolic Acid, Glycerin,Propanediol, Lactic Acid, Pentylene Glycol, Kojic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Panthenol, Xanthan Gum, Propylene Glycol, Tamarindus Indica (Tamarind) Seed Extract, Hemidesmus Indicus (Iramusu) Extract, Arginine, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin


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