This non-comedogenic oil is packed with Vitamins E, A and Biotin, minerals and anti-oxidants. Its deeply moisturizing and calming properties make it an ideal local application for dry skin or eczema. Almond oil is known to dissolve excess oil and improve complexion, reducing the appearance of dark spots and dull skin. Almond Oil is an effective treatment for stretch marks and acne scars due to its unique composition. The Vitamin B-7 in Almond oil helps nourish and strengthen nails. Almond is known to moisturize the scalp and hair. Massaging Almond oil into your hair and scalp promotes growth and reduce hair thinning while oleic acid and linoleic acid present in the oil strengthens hair.

How to use?

This light-weight, non-greasy, multipurpose oil can be used on skin, hair and nails. As it dissolves excess oil and stubborn impurities and does not clog pores, it can be used as an oil cleanser. It is recommended to use mild face cleanser for all skin types after oil cleansing to get rid of any oil residue from the skin. You may add gentle Almond oil massage to your skincare routine to improve your complexion. In pregnancy, Almond oil can be massaged to prevent stretch marks and minimize irritation.


Massaging Almond oil into scalp hair once a week. This can be used along with other oils that benefit your hair.


For best results, leave for a minimum of 2 hours prior to rinse.


Massaging Almond oil to your cuticles will strengthen your nails.


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